O'Malley Alley Cat Raises Money For Strays

Feral cats continue to be a problem in East Texas.  Friday, the O'Malley Alley Cat Organization hosted a big rummage sale to collect money for stray animals.

It costs about $50 to spay and neuter one cat.  The group wants to raise as much money as possible to cover those expenses.  Organizers will also use that money to get hundreds of homeless cats vaccinated.

Samantha Helleck said, "We've done a Yankee Candle sale, we did a cookie sale outside Walmart, and we thought a rummage sale would be a good way to go. People in Lufkin seem to like garage sales and we're located in a good area for it."

The rummage sale continues all day Saturday at 1277 Edgewood Circle in the Idlewood subdivision in Lufkin.