Two Men Arrested In Meth Busts - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

03/18/05 - Huntington

Two Men Arrested In Meth Busts

John Harris John Harris
Vernon Sparkman Vernon Sparkman

by Ramonica R. Jones

Despite a lot of traffic in and out of his home, neighbors say John Harris is a pretty quiet guy.  They suspected he was a meth user, not a meth maker.

Harris' neighbor said, "I feel like it was a bad situation.  I feel like it was very dangerous to the community."

Police said a shed on Ralph Nerren Road, right next to Harris's home, is where he cooked meth.  He was arrested, along with another man, Vernon Sparkman.

"I believe all people that mess with any kind of drugs should be in jail, especially if you're making something that's dangerous like methamphetamine."

Harris and Sparkman were initially searched because of a suspicious vehicle. Huntington authorities confronted them Thursday night, after seeing them in a parked car.  That's when they discovered a meth lab on wheels.

John Harris and Vernon Sparkman are in the Angelina County Jail.  They're charged with possession with intent to manufacture a controlled substance.

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