Nacogdoches churches gather to spread Dr. King's message of unity

Nacogdoches churches gather to spread Dr. King's message of unity
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Many people came together Sunday, praying for peace and social equality in a time they feel it's needed most.

"When you think about the dream that Dr. King had, we're trying to take that dream and wake up from it and actually put a dream into reality," said Rev. Donald Lacey, pastor of Zion Hill First Baptist Church.

Realizing one man's dream, decades in the making.

"For others to see that, yes black and white and other nationalities, Hispanics and whomever, can actually still worship together. And if it's going to come from anybody, it should come from the church," Lacey said.

And it was under one roof at the Zion Hill First Baptist Church where congregations both white and black worshiped together, all for a purpose bigger than themselves.

A historic occasion, no doubt, as many thought back to a time when a scene like this was unheard of.

"I remember though, even as a young person asking, 'Where were the white people, where were the white kids, where was the white church," said Rev. Kyle Childress, pastor Austin Heights Baptist Church. "When there's a crisis in this community, it's the people that gather at a place like this, on a night like this, that are able to call each other and say 'What do we need to do?' 'How can we help you?"

Each pastor agrees there are still many miles left on the path to equality – it all starts with one step.

"He was one drum major, now we're other drum majors from different races that are stepping up and are saying okay, we preach it, we teach it, now let's actually live it and bring it to the forefront," Lacey said.

Many at Sunday's service say they're making it their mission to carry on Dr. King's legacy, not just for one day, but for a lifetime.

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