Lufkin girls caught wearing makeup use fame to give back

Lufkin girls caught wearing makeup use fame to give back
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

CORRIGAN, TX (KTRE) - It's almost a rite of passage for little girls everywhere - that special day when they can finally wear makeup.

And while for most girls that day comes around ages 13-15, for Allie-Gwyn and Brooklyn it came much earlier.

The self-proclaimed besties can be seen online trying their hand at recording a homemade makeup tutorial.

"We've known each other since we were three," said 7-year-old Allie-Gwyn Wright."

"We were doing these dolls, and she was doing this doll and I was trying to look like that doll," Wright said.

Faces full of foundation, with Allie-Gwyn at one point asking…

"Where does eyeliner go," said Wright.

They thought it was going to stay In their own little world, or so they thought, until Lindsay, Allie-Gwyn's mother, walked into the room.

"I saw the carpet. I didn't even see the faces, I saw my white carpet," Lindsay Wright said.

It's a video that's been seen over 18,000 times.

"It was really fun, and it was funny," Wright said.

And now Allie-Gwyn and Brooklyn, who couldn't make our interview, want to use their 15-minutes of fame for something positive.

"We're going to get pajamas and get boxes, big boxes at all of these different places and everybody has to donate pajamas," Wright said.

Pajamas are an item often left out of donations to those less fortunate.

"All kids need to feel warm and safe at night, and so we thought that was something good that the girls could do for the community," Lindsay said

Their light-hearted video is now carrying a powerful message.

"We just wanted them to understand that things spread so fast on the internet and that it could be good or bad. Thankfully that was something funny and we really did just post it for our family and tagged a few friends, and it kind of went everywhere. If you can share that then you can share good messages as well," Lindsay said.

Pajama donations will be collected at The Family Crisis Center , The Buckner Family Place, and The Academy of Gymnastics.

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