Local Teen Takes Bullet In Head And Lives

A Lufkin teen is thanking his lucky stars after he was shot in the head late Friday night.

The incident happened last night at the High Pointe Apartments in Lufkin. Officers say a 15-year-old boy was showing his 19-year-old brother a .22-caliber revolver when the gun went off striking the older brother in the head.

Amazingly enough, the bullet didn't enter his skull. Instead it hit his forehead, breaking into the skin, traveled around his skull, and broke out of his skin from the back of his head.

Officers are still investigating the incident.

Officers say the 15-year-old was turned over to the juvenile authorities after it was discovered that he was the one that pointed the gun at the older brother's head. The parents of the brothers say the gun doesn't belong to them.

Officers are still investigating where the gun came from, and if the shot was intentional. The older brother was treated and released at a local hospital.