Azalea Trail Helps Nacogdoches Businesses

They come into the area every year, looking at azaleas as the flowers come into the peak of their blooming season.

Penny Horne of the Nacogdoches Convention and Visitors Bureau said, "we've had a couple in [Saturday] morning from Houston that came up for the Azalea Trails. We've had a couple in from Minnesota."

And it's only the first day of the trail. With weeks ahead to go, even more tourists will be coming into town, and with those tourists come tourism dollars.

"It's good for the businesses downtown, it's also good for the restaurants and the gas stations," said Horne.

Gerry Larabee owns the Heart of Texas Store in downtown Nacogdoches. She says extra tourists means extra business, and any business owner is happy to see that.

Larabee said, "this week's been very good and hopefully it will continue through the trail."

If they keep coming like they did on the first day throughout the rest of the season, Nacogdoches will surly reap the benefits of all the added tourists coming in to enjoy the colorful Azalea Trail.