Plane Crashes Into Woods Near Nacogdoches Airport

The plane now rests on it's nose, surrounded by the trees that quite possibly saved the pilot's life.

Nacogdoches native Ferrell Davis was out flying a single engine Sesna Saturday afternoon when his engine suddenly died. Too far from the Nacogdoches Airport, he had to make an emergency landing. With no open road to land on, Davis had no choice but to hit the trees.

A pilot we spoke with at the crash site says Davis made the right choice.

Twyman Mullen said, "In flight training, we're told that if trees are around, if you hit to the top of the trees it really would cushion your fall."

Davis used the trees to slow himself down before hitting the ground, possibly saving his life.

"A direct impact like in this case, he probably would not have walked away from it. But fortunately the trees evidently helped him in his crash there to cushion his fall," said Mullen.

Davis walked away with nothing more than an injured arm and a broken plane. Officials are still investigating what happened that would cause him to crash.

Pilots at the Nacogdoches County Airport say he's a seasoned pilot with years of experience, and nobody's quite sure what happened.