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The Heart Institute of East Texas, CHI St. Luke's Memorial celebrate new facility


The Heart Institute of East Texas and CHI St. Luke's Memorial celebrated the opening of a brand new facility at the business after five event.

The Vein and Leg Pain Center of East Texas and Heart Failure Clinic opening had an impressive turn-out.  

The 10,000 square-foot renovated center will offer treatment for heart failure and vein and leg issues. The founder, Dr. Ravinder Bachireddy, calls this a medical milestone for deep East Texas.     

"The access to the Heart Failure Clinic will be prompt," said Bachireddy.  He explained that one out of five adults in America develop heart failure in their lifetime. 

"The opening was awesome. It's great to see all the folks from the community and our local chamber," said Shawn Varnett, CHI St. Luke's Chief Operating Officer. Varnett said the facilities are crucial to East Texas. The idea came to place only a year ago. "We have no time to waste. We have work to do!" Varnett said. 

Heart Failure accounts for more hospital re-admission than any other condition. Angelina and Polk county are ranked at the top of the list for Texas counties with heart issues. 

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