Family Saves Three From Drowning

Their boat now lies capsized tied to a tree, but late Saturday night things were much worse.

Strong storms moving fast through East Texas caught three fishermen off guard. The fishermen say a wave sunk the back of their boat and caused it to capsize. It was then that they began to scream for help.

Michael Murphy, one of the heroes said, "I heard it, my brother heard it, I think my mom saw it also so I guess we all sort of pitched in a little bit to finding that it actually capsized."

The family worked together, with Michael and his brother holding flashlights from shore directing their father to the boat. They were able to pull everyone to shore. The three men were still breathing, but just barely. The Murphys then called for an ambulance.

Michael said, "trying to wave down the ambulances and trying to get everybody into the community because it's a really hard place to get into."

Because of the far off location, it took some time for the rescue crews to arrive. The family helped prevent hypothermia in the fishermen by getting them into a warm shower. Michael's father says if it wasn't for his boys initially hearing the screams, he doesn't think the men would have made it.

Thanks to Michael and his family of heroes, they are pulling out a capsized boat instead of three bodies. The fishermen say they're grateful for everything the Murphy family did for them, and it shows just how fast some of these East Texas storms can come up on you.