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Shoreline prepares to bear brunt of winter storm

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People along the shoreline continue to prepare to take the brunt of a potential weekend snow storm.

At East Haven's public works garage, crews have been working to treat the roads ahead of Saturday.

Friday, town leaders met with their emergency management team to make sure everything is ready to go.

They said the plow trucks were loaded with salt.

"We have most all of the trucks ready," said Charlie Coyle, East Haven public works. "We just have a couple of minor issues to button up."

Coyle said the first storm of the season always comes with a few hiccups, but he's confident his department will have things ready to go.

He said they're planning to start pre-treating the roads for snow and ice on Saturday morning.

"We got some issues along the shoreline due to flooding we got to watch, and after the water recedes, we have some ice issues," Coyle said.

If the water goes over the road during high tide on Saturday afternoon, Coyle said they'll have to go out with a loader and clear off the ice.

Sections of East Haven like Cosey Beach continue to rebuild after Tropical Storm Irene and Superstorm Sandy.

Neighbors in Milford were also preparing for the storm in their own ways.

"I think it's a new adventure, and Netflix and soup this weekend," said Sarah Garnder.

Across the street, the Hublers said they are making sure they are ready for what comes their way. After a few evacuations, they said they've learned a few things.

"We take it a little bit more seriously now when we have warnings," said Linda Hubler.

They stocked up on wood, groceries, and made sure their flashlights and generator are working properly. They will also gas up their vehicles and move them at least one block inland.

"We don't live in fear, we roll up our sleeves and we get going. That's what we do," said Bradford Hubler.

Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim declared a snow emergency starting at 10 a.m. on Saturday.

Ganim said that means all vehicles must be moved off of posted snow streets. "Alternate side of the street" parking rules apply as of midnight for all other streets in order to allow plows to clear them. Saturday is considered "odd side parking" while Sunday will be "even."

Vehicles that violate the protocols face fines and towing.

“This is our first significant snowstorm of the current winter season, and we want to make sure everyone is safe and warm," Ganim said. "The city of Bridgeport is ready to keep the roads clear and handle whatever emergencies arise."

Bridgeport's emergency operations center will be up and running. Residents can reach it for snow emergencies at 203-579-3829. They can also check out the city's website here.

Gov. Dannel Malloy extended the state's Severe Cold Weather Protocol through Jan. 24 because of the cold temperatures and snow impacts.

New Haven officials said a partial parking ban will be in effect starting at 12 a.m. on Saturday.

New London officials had a similar meetings on Thursday.

They said they're not only preparing for snow, they're also getting read for high winds and a storm surge that could cause some coastal flooding.

The big concern is high tide on Saturday afternoon at the height of the storm. It will be higher than usual because of the full moon.

"Some of the folks that live in the direct east-facing shoreline area might [want to] keep an eye on things at the time of high tide on Saturday," said Joe Sastre, emergency management director for New London.

Emergency management people and the American Red Cross advise checking your property before the storm arrives.

Customers who end up losing power and use generators are warned to make sure they run outside and not in an enclosed area.

Connecticut DOT spokesperson Kevin Nursick said crews are ready for the storm. Each of the 50 regional DOT garages have been getting the snow equipment in working order during the summertime.

On Friday, shoreline residents headed out to the stores to prepare for what is expected to come, buying things like ice melt and shovels.

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