Trinity PD looking to close down scene of shooting

Trinity PD looking to close down scene of shooting
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

TRINITY, TX (KTRE) - Trinity Police are working with the city of Trinity to close down a club where two people where shot during a New Year's party.

The shooting happened on Jan.1 at Club Kroxx-D-Trakx. The case is being investigated by Trinity Police and the Texas Rangers. Bobby Adams Jr., Garius O'Bryant, and Trevion Williams have all been arrested and are listed as suspects in the shooting. The three men have ties to the Huntsville area.

Trinity Police Chief Steven Jones said the club has become a problem over the years.

"The club is used for private events," Jones said. "The promoters are not from here and have been kicked out of other towns, so they come here. We expressed our concerns about the gathering. All they're worried about is making the initial money, and then whatever happens, happens. That's not our fault we made our money, and we are out of here."

Jones said a week before the New Year's shooting there was a report of shots fired at the club.

"We went out and investigated, but no one would talk," Jones said. "Later it was told to us by someone that there was an argument and that a shot was fired over an argument with a game of dice."

Jones and the Rangers believe the shooting may be gang-related after an argument got out of hand between the Bloods and Crips.

"The three we have in custody are believed to belong to the Bloods," Jones said.

Trinity officers and Texas Ranger Steve Jeter have been able to link a gun found at the scene to a robbery in the Lufkin area. Jones is not sure if the gun was used in the shooting, or if it was just on scene.

Jones is looking into ways of taking over the three lots the club sits on.

"The majority of the people coming to these parties are from out of town, so really we are having all this out-of-town drama dumped on our lap," Jones said. "If they can't control themselves or the environment they create over there then we are going to have to."

A search of tax records with the Trinity County Appraisal District show the property belongs to Charlette Riley. According to Jones, Riley is a family member of the original owner Charlie Mae. Riley is currently serving time in the state prison system. The East Texas News reached out to the power of attorney for Riley. A woman at the address listed on the Statement of Account said she was not who was on the paper.

Jones said the reports have gotten worse, and he is worried for the people that live near the club.

"There's people that live right there next to it, and one day, one of these bullets might fly through the window and hurt them or a family member, and we have to stop it," Jones said.

Jones is not sure if the spot was rented out for the party or if the promoters were squatting on the property but he believes the ownership parties are aware of what is going on.

"Multiple shootings [and] assaults," Jones said. "It is just really irritating and aggravating for us."

Jones said right now the promoters of the event are not facing any charges. Once the paperwork is compiled, Jones will work with code enforcement to present a proposal to city council.

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