Bullet shot into home narrowly misses sleeping Lufkin woman

Bullet shot into home narrowly misses sleeping Lufkin woman
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

It was anything but a peaceful night at the Peaceful Haven Apartments for Betty Young on Saturday.

"I was in the bed asleep. I heard a boom. I jumped up and got out of the bed," said Betty Young.

Shaken up, confused, and unclear as to what exactly was going on, Young knew something wasn't right.

"I came to this window. I could hear 'shhhhhh', so I thought it was that compressor, but then when I heard that 'shhhh', I thought it was gas so I grabbed my robe and that sweater and I hit the door," Young said.

Thinking her home of 3 years was about to go up in flames, she raced outside.

"I called the police from the yard. She said 'What's your address?' I said I'm in the yard tell them they'll see me. She said 'No ma'am, I need your address," Young said.

Lufkin Police responded to the 1500 block of Lakeview St. around 11:30 PM to determine the exact cause of what went boom in the night.

"You're not going to believe this Ms. Young, but a bullet came through your apartment and in entered into your bathroom. I said bullet," Young said.

News she never expected to hear and the story of an ordeal she never thought she'd have to tell.

"I could be dead! I believe when people say you know how you came here but you don't know how you're going to leave here. And that was living proof," Young said.

Now, thankful to be alive, she has this advice.

"Sometimes you have to stop and think before you act, you know? Old people live here, don't shoot this way, bullets have no eyes. That's what they should have thought of, this is a senior citizens place, but I guess they didn't care," Young said.

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