How Well Do You Know Your Neighbor?

Officer Paul Jackson
Officer Paul Jackson

How well do you know your neighbor?  Jessica Lunsford's family in Florida had no idea a convicted sex offender had been living right across the street.  By the time they found out, the nine-year-old had already been raped and killed.

The suspect in Jessica's murder hadn't registered his change of address, which all sex offenders are required to do.

Officer Paul Jackson said, "Anytime they plan on changing their address, they have to appear in person where they're registered, one week prior to moving."

Pictures of all new registered sex offenders are published in the local newspaper, along with their names and addresses.  You can also find that information online at the Lufkin Police Department's web site.

"Scroll down to sex offender database, click, and then again you'll scroll down towards the bottom of the page and you can enter in your zip code and the city."

Information is also listed on the Texas Department of Public Safety's web site.  It becomes available almost as soon as sex offenders register with authorities. They have about a week to register once they're released from jail or prison.

There are 46 registered sex offenders in Lufkin.  Officer Paul Jackson checks up on them once a month.  He checks on high-risk sex offenders twice a month.