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Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter excited to reach record low euthanasia rate

Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff

The Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter released numbers that show 2015 was a successful year for the shelter. It's great news for all Lufkin animal lovers. The shelters director told us educating the community has been one aspect of making a difference in the lives of animals in need.

Love is a four-legged word, and the furry friends of the shelter have gotten a lot of it within the past year. 

"I think more people are realizing the benefits of owning a pet," said Aaron Ramsey, the director of Animal Services.   

It's the time when the Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter takes a look back on the previous year to get a feel of the success they've had. 

"We roll up our statistics for the year 2015. We had a positive year!" Ramsey said. 

With all paws on deck, volunteers, staff, the community, and animal lovers, the euthanasia rate for 2015 fell to 57 percent compared to 83 percent nearly a decade ago. 

"Our intake numbers and euthanasia numbers are the lowest that they've been historically," Ramsey said. 

Ramsey said he attributes some of the success to education on caring for pets. 

"We have such a problem with animal over-population because people don't spay and neuter their pets," Ramsey said. 

Social media played a big part in the success, too. The shelter has been spreading the word via Facebook. They had 1,028 adoptions and 401 animals reunited with their families. 

"We realize there is still a lot of work to be done in the community and in the surrounding area," Ramsey said. 

Nevertheless, he said the facility is excited to see the falling euthanasia rate. More animals were adopted, reunited, rescued, and left paw-prints on our hearts.  

If you want to benefit the shelter or take one of those pets home home with you, you can check out their Website.  

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