New London Explosion Play Ready For The Stage

Bobby Johnson - Playwright
Bobby Johnson - Playwright

A Nacogdoches playwright was only 18 months old when the New London 'School Explosion' happened, but to this day he has a full understanding of the impact.

"All of those poor children, nearly 300 died, plus several teachers," reads Bobby Johnson from his play, "A Texas Tragedy". The play focuses on the March 18, 1937 explosion. The SFA history professor parents helped with the rescue attempt.

The play is now ready for the stage. "Even though we deal with very weighty things in this play it has a good ending and that there is a spirit of hope which comes through," said Johnson. He doesn't want people to be discouraged by the story's sadness. The historical event is told in an entertaining and thoughtful way.

A Texas Tragedy will open April 1st and run for two weekends at the Lamp-Lite Theatre in Nacogdoches. Tickets are now on sale.