Pediatrics Group Wants Ban On Sale Of Adult-Sized ATV'S For Kids Under Sixteen

A pediatric group wants a ban on the sale of full-size ATV's for use by kids under sixteen years old. The group says research shows kids who use adult-size four wheelers are twice as likely to get hurt as those operating youth models.

Ten year old Christopher James loves his four wheeler. It makes his mom a little nervous, but she makes sure her son wears his helmet and carries a two-way radio with him when he rides. She also made sure Christopher's four-wheeler was age-appropriate.

"I don't believe children as small as him should be riding anything bigger than what he's suited for because the potential is too great to get injured or maimed or killed." says Mechelle James

That's why the American Academy of Pediatrics wants to ban the sale of adult-sized ATV's for use by children under sixteen. One ATV salesman we spoke with agrees, a law would be beneficial.

"If somebody passed a law, that would only help me by keeping people from misusing four wheelers." says Mike Jones of Ross Motorsports.

Although it's not a law, the industry already has strict guidelines on the sale of ATV's. There are machines designed for kids ages six through eleven, twelve through fifteen, and sixteen and up.

"If you come up to me or any of the other salesmen and say my twelve year old grand daughter wants to ride this sixteen year old appropriate machine, my words are 'I can't sell it to you.'" says Jones.

Jones says the industry guidelines are strict enough that a dealer could lose its franchise if they're not obeyed.

More than 100 children died in 2003 while riding ATV's.