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Trinity Co. Sheriff's office works with out-of-state rescue groups to cut euthanasia

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The Trinity County Sheriff's Office is working with out-of-state rescue groups to make their animal control facility a no-kill shelter. Before the project, the animals' only fates were to be picked up by their owners or put down. Those involved said it's a win-win plan.

Prior to a plan put in place by the sheriff's office, pups taken to the animal control facility had two possible outcomes. 

"There's really not an outlet for those dogs," said Joey Robertson, a Trinity County Assistant District Attorney. "The only outcome for them was either their owners came and picked them up, or they would be euthanized at some point."

This week, Robertson and Trinity County Sheriff Woody Wallace have seen success in a push to give these animals the chance to be rescued. 

"Most dogs that wind up in a shelter are going to be euthanized, so I think that people would be happy with the alternative that we're able to find the dogs homes," Robertson said. 

Several have already been placed in forever homes. One rescue organization has taken the dogs across the country with efforts to "improve the lives of northern families and save the lives of southern dogs."

"The rescue actually takes animals from Texas and transports them to colder states where they don't have the stray animal problems that we do," Robertson said. 

In addition, the rescues save the county money. 

"The way it helps the county is the county doesn't have to absorb the cost of vetting, shots, or neutering," Robertson said. 

The facility hopes to eliminate euthanasia all together. While the Trinity County shelter feels comfort in placing the strays, northern families are welcoming the furry friends with open arms. 

"They're almost lining the streets when the truck comes into town waiting on the dogs to come in and they have little signs. They're just waiting for them to get there," Robertson said. 

Robertson said all dogs in the facility have a new home to prepare for except for one. if you ‘d like to donate to the sheriff’s office, head to

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