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Deep East Texas Crime Stoppers host "Catch a Crook" race to raise awareness, funds

(Source: Lufkin Police Department) (Source: Lufkin Police Department)
(Source: Lufkin Police Department) (Source: Lufkin Police Department)
(Source: KTRE Staff) (Source: KTRE Staff)
(Source: Lufkin Police Department) (Source: Lufkin Police Department)

Deep East Texas Crime Stoppers, an organization geared toward solving cases and finding wanted persons, put on the 'Catch a Crook' race Saturday morning. The goals were to raise money and awareness for their cause. 

Angelina County inmates were on the run early this morning. 

"It was a fun run, but a fundraiser for Crime Stoppers," said J.B. Smith, Executive Director of DETCS. 

Lufkin police officers were on the other side of the law. They dressed as crooks for DETCS's biggest fundraiser of the year. 

"Crime Stoppers is funded solely through donations from the public except for our rewards," Smith said. 

Rewards are covered by probation payments made by those on supervision. 

"We're getting the word out trying to get people aware and protecting everyone," said Officer Nettles, a Lufkin Police Patrol Officer. 

Smith said the money raised in the run stays in Angelina County and goes towards making a safer community.  

"Just through our run Facebook page, it brings people in to seeing our Crime Stoppers Facebook page and website where we profile unsolved crimes and wanted persons," Smith said. 

One of those wanted subjects was caught on surveillance in a Diboll robbery on Wednesday.  

"The Credit Union in Diboll was robbed last week, and we're looking for any information that will help solve that case," Smith said. 

DETCS works to find answers in crimes like this. The community's input is a major factor in cracking the cases. He said all tips are anonymous. 

"We take this very seriously. We'll never know your name. You're assigned a random number," Smith said. 

Lufkin racers got a feel for fighting crime as they captured inmates during the race. The event raised both funds and awareness expected to benefit all involved. 

"The more people who know, it helps us do our job and makes it easier on us," Nettles said. 

Over 120 runners showed up to the Catch a Crook fundraiser.  If you're interested in submitting anonymous tips to crime stoppers, you can visit for more information.  

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