Tax Preparers Have Advice For Procrastinators

With the tax filing deadline quickly approaching, you'd expect East Texas tax offices to be swamped with clients.  That's not the case.  Waiting is popular and excuses are plentiful.

"Well, I know I'm gonna owe; that's the [most popular excuse]," H&R Block tax preparer, Arlene Drake, said.  "I know I'm gonna owe or I don't have all my information together; I'm trying to get all my information."

Correcting errors made by last minute filers is a time consuming job, and, in the long run, that mistake can be quite expensive.

Drake said, "A lot of deductions are missed if you wait until the last minute.  You wanna go ahead and file your tax return, so you go ahead and file it and possibly have to amend it to take your deductions.  An amendment can take up to three months if it's for a refund."

That's why it's best to file early and leave time to fix tax mistakes instead of rushing your return and paying the price later.