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Gift of Love: Bradley and Mya

Mya and Bradley are looking for the Gift of Love. Mya and Bradley are looking for the Gift of Love.
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It was an afternoon of fun and a lot of bouncing at iJump for Bradley and Mya. Racing down the trampoline in to the foam pit was a favorite for this brother and sister.

Bradley is a calm, sweet, well-mannered child. This 3rd grader enjoys school. He also has a great sense of humor and is a very playful young man.  
"I like to build stuff with Legos and I like to build stuff out of paper," Bradley said.

He values time with his current foster father learning tasks such as home repairs and yard work. As for his favorite foods, Bradley likes carbs.

"Macaroni and cheese, spaghetti , mashed potatoes and corn," Bradley said.

And Bradley loves ice cream for dessert! 

"Ice cream with a cookie on top and a cherry on top and chocolate spread on it," Bradley said.

Bradley is also active and likes to play outside.  Bradley has expressed an interest in wanting to play sports and has the qualities that would make a great teammate.  
"Sometimes I like to throw my football outside," Bradley said.

He is also interested in playing soccer. Bradley is extremely artistic and is talented in multiple art forms such as painting, drawing, and folding origami.

"I would like a mom and a dad. I would like for them to be interested in what I am interested in. I am interested in Art and so I would want them to be interested in that with me.  And I want them to be Christians and take us to church," Bradley said, "So I can learn about God and still have my connection with God.">

Bradley says he looks forward to family dinners and outings.

"I'd like to go on vacations with my family. The whole family go on vacation," Bradley said.

And the beach tops Bradley's list! 

Mya loves being a big sister and enjoys spending time with her younger brother.  Mya is a beautiful child that is very much a girly girl but doesn't mind getting her hands dirty out on the farm.  

"Play with my games," Mya said.

Mya says Batman and Duck Tales are her favorite video games.  She is shy at first but in time Mya warms up. Once she opens up she loves to talk and is very playful. This 11-year-old loves playing with dolls, building Lego sets, playing outside, and attending church. 

"Playing outside to throw the football," Mya said.

Mya is in the 4th grad and loves to learn. She has an amazing work ethic that her teachers admire and appreciate. Mya can be very affectionate and longs for a strong mother /daughter connection. As for her favorite foods, sweets top Mya's list.

"cake, pizza, macaroni," Mya said.

When it comes to her three wishes, Mya would love to, "Have a dog, a cat and a dollhouse," Mya said.

The children both love to be outdoors and would prefer a family that has access to outdoor activities or lives in a rural setting.  They children would appreciate a family that has animals as they love to help take care of the animals at their current home.  Most importantly, Bradley and Mya want a mom and a dad to show them the Gift of Love.    

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