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Houston Co. sheriff's race features two law enforcement veterans

Houston County Sheriff Darrel Bobbitt (Source: Facebook) Houston County Sheriff Darrel Bobbitt (Source: Facebook)
Bobby Bowlin (Source: Facebook) Bobby Bowlin (Source: Facebook)

The Houston County sheriff's race will pit two veterans of law enforcement against each other.

The incumbent Darrel Bobbitt has held the position for four straight terms. His opponent Bobby Bowlin is a retired Texas Department of Texas trooper and a veteran of the Vietnam War who served with the 335th Assault Helicopter Company.

Bobbitt said he believes he should continue his tenure as the longest serving sheriff of the county.

"I think I am best for the job because I am the candidate that has the experience of actually being the sheriff," Bobbitt said. "I want to leave the office better than it was when I got here. When I first started, we did not have one matching patrol car, and now we do. We also have everything we need in the units now."

Bowlin believes what sets him apart is his involvement with the community and his familiarity with working with budgets.

"I've served on numerous boards, which gives me an idea of budgetary situation and how to set a budget and adhere to a good budget," Bowlin said.

Both men also have goals in mind if they are elected. Bobbitt believes Houston County can continue to be a leader in working with other agencies.

"When I leave office, whatever year that is, I want to leave better than it is," Bobbitt said. "We are probably the leading agency for training for this whole district and areas. In fact, counties that need their mandatory training come to Houston County to get a lot of it, and I want to keep that up and make it better."

Bowlin said he wants to have a department that is proactive and not reactive.

"I want to be on top of things," Bowlin said. "I want people to know I have an open-door policy. What I am finding out is that the citizens are concerned that they don’t have 24-hour patrol in this county. That's something I want to change. I can change that, and I can get 24-hour patrol, and I won’t have to hire one individual to do it."

There is no Democrat running, so the sheriff race will be decided with the Republican Primary.

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