Allergy Season Is Here

by Jessica Cervantez

Kristy Castle, who suffers from allergies, said, "I didn't want to take the shot, but I was forced."

For the past two years Castle's allergies have been so bad, she has had to take a shot once a week.

"It helps me, I can breathe better and my eyes don't water."

Dr. V.M. Bommanna, an allergist, said, "The shot is really helpful when other medications aren't helping."

Dr. Bommanna says allergies are hitting East Texans hard this season. His patient load has been heavy, especially during the past two weeks. One big reason, there is lots of pollen around. When you step outside, you can see it everywhere, especially on cars.

Dr. Bommanna said, "You can get allergies from dust mites, mold problems, and pollen, including grasses."

But there are ways to avoid a trip to the doctor. Dr. Bommanna said to try to stay indoor and try to not park your car close to trees where pollen can fall. Also, he recommends washing your hair at time before you go to sleep.

Simple steps, that could provide a little allergy relief and help you enjoy the outdoors.

Dr. Bommanna recommends if you have tried over the counter allergy medicine and it doesn't seem to work you might want to visit your physician.