Nacogdoches Man Was At Texas City Refinery Less Than 24 Hours Before Explosion

A Nacogdoches man is safe at home with his family after being at the exact same BP plant that exploded in Texas City on Wednesday. He was there on Tuesday. In fact, the building he was in was severely damaged by that explosion.

"What bothers me I guess right now is knowing that some of those individuals, although I didn't know them personally, is that I interacted with those folks yesterday, and some of those folks are injured and some of those folks possibly lost their life today." says Kent Hutchison, the principal and senior consultant of an employment development firm. He was at the BP plant in Texas City yesterday, as part of a meeting focusing on safety.

"These were all front line managers and supervisors, and it was just interesting because we got to hear what their plannings were to look at maintenance issues, look at operator error issues, and also look at safety and security."

Kent says from looking at pictures on the news, he can tell the building he was in Tuesday had the roof blown off of it. But, he says he would go back in a heartbeat.

"I would do it again today I would go back into that plant site. Because BP has a record of being safe, that facility is a clean facility, they had well trained supervisors and managers and operators. When you have the worlds largest gasoline refinery there's going to be inherent mistakes that happen."

Kent says Wednesday's explosion is putting things in perspective in his own life. Realizing if the explosion had happened just 24 hours sooner, he would have been right in the middle of it.