SURVIVORS: East Texas man arrested 3 times in 9 days overcomes drug addiction

SURVIVORS: East Texas man arrested 3 times in 9 days overcomes drug addiction
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - An East Texas man, arrested three times in only nine days, says after hitting rock bottom twice he now has his life together.

"It was a night and I was out partying and everybody was drinking and everybody's getting wasted, doing drugs, a whole bunch of negative activity going on," said Jose Buenrostro.

And it was on that day back in October 2012 when a then 20-year-old Buenrostro would get his first taste of the fast life.

"I ended up going to breakfast at McDonalds, taking one of the guys that was chilling with us to school, I was going to take him to school. And there was an old man sitting there with an iPad and we had the bright idea to steal the iPad and that's what we did. We took it and took off running," Buenrostro said.

But he didn't get far. He was caught, arrested and thrown in jail. He bonded out that same day, but little did he know, he'd be back only hours later for a crime he committed the day before.

"I broke the window to an ex-girlfriend's house because I was going to see her and in my addiction I got mad and broke the window to go in and see her and she was there. I ended up hugging her and then I left," Buenrostro said.

But authorities tracked him down, this time for burglary of a habitation. His tango with police still far from over.

"Bonded out and went to my lawyers office and I had an ankle monitor on. So I guess they were investigating the sexual assault with that girl. She was saying that I raped her and they picked me up at my lawyer's office. I'm walking out my lawyer's office and they put the handcuffs on me and my lawyer asked what's he getting arrested for? Sexual assault of a child and I was like in shock," Buenrostro said.

Back to jail he went with another mug shot to show for it. He was later cleared of those sexual assault charges. Each crime seemingly different with one similarity: meth and weed.

"Liked? Loved! It's not like, you need it. Once you start smoking it, you need it. And then the come down, it's the biggest fear. It's like I don't want to come down because I can't eat when I'm coming down, I can't drink when I'm coming down, so I'm afraid of that so I just keep getting high," Buenrostro said.

An addiction lasting nearly two years, he knows now it was all a cry for help.

"I was pretty angry because I had a life in Florida and then when I moved to Texas, it was like 'Man, ya'll took away all my friends and everything," Buenrostro said.

And on October 1, 2013 he was taken away, this time to rehab. He would stay there for nine months missing an important milestone.

"My son was born while I was locked up," Buenrostro said.

He was released in July 2014 and only then would his real task start: earning his family's trust.

"I could tell them I'm going to do this but then they'd be like 'Oh take your cousin with you or take your sister with you or make sure your girlfriend goes with you. They wouldn't trust me with little things. But as time went by and I started coming back with people's cars," Buenrostro said.

That was until temptation called once again. It was New Year's Eve 2014. Buenrostro relapsed.

"I let everybody down, everybody. Everyone that I was gaining their trust back and it was just boom, I just dropped it all, dropped the ball all over again. And I was back to ground zero," Buenrostro said.

One more trip to rehab and a second chance at getting it right, Buenrostro will celebrate a year of sobriety on Valentine's Day 2016.

"My worst day today is better than my best day when I was high, I guess you could say. 'Why is that?'Because, I mean, I'm sober today. I'm living life on life's terms. If a situation comes my way, I'm not getting high to deal with the situation, I'm taking that situation head on," Buenrostro said.

With another son born, he's now free from the confines of addiction. But not task of never becoming its prisoner.

"I'm not going to sit here and say I'm never going to relapse again because I don't know that, but I know that today, right now, in this very moment, I'm not going to use drugs. So if I can do that in the next 10 minutes, not use drugs. Not even take it one day at time, but 10 minutes at a time. These 10 minutes I'm not going to do drugs, the next 10 minutes, I'm not going to do drugs. If I have to live my life 10 minutes at a time, as long as I stay sober, I'll be living my life 10 minutes at a time," Buenrostro said.

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