East Texas Democrats divided on candidates

East Texas Democrats divided on candidates
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

As the race for the White House moves on you'll begin to see a lot more of the presidential candidates in the Lone Star state.

Many East Texas democrats we spoke to seem to know who they'll cast their ballot for come Super Tuesday."

Although some are hoping Clinton will take Texas. Many young minority voters are feeling the Bern. Leaving the question is East Texas still up for grabs come March 1st?

After Hillary’s close call in the Iowa caucus and a double digit loss to Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire, she’s been fighting for minority and young voters.

This doesn’t come as a complete surprise to some Hillary supporters. Take Guessipina Bonner, the president of the NAACP Lufkin chapter, who said the younger generation doesn’t look at the bigger picture, which is something she can relate to.

“I don’t fault young people because once upon a time I was young,” Bonner said. “I know why they did it, because of looking at the future, and what it takes to get us over that bridge. This is not an emotional issue.”

 Young democrats disagree with age being an issue.

“I believe he’s been consistent throughout the years and he has a proven record of advocating on the less of these and working class families,” John Davis, the president of SFA’s young Democrat club said.

However, Bonner strongly believes Hillary is better equipped for the position.

“I believe that Hilary Clinton would be better able to work with congress,” Bonner said. “As recalcitrant as they are to get some nominees that would reflect our values, and some of the things we need to move forward.”

East Texas voters feel that each candidate does bring something to the table, and that’s a progressive future.

“I believe we have arrived at a point where Hilary Clinton possess all those things we say we want in a leader,” Bonner said.

“I see a lot of young people encouraged to vote in this election because we see there is a possibility for hope and change,” Davis said.

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