Lufkin businesses offers health-conscious gifts for Valentine's Day

Lufkin businesses offers health-conscious gifts for Valentine's Day
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - If your love bird is watching their figure, or just a healthy eater, that may make gift-finding more difficult than you think.

"We have been dating six and a half years, and we're engaged to be married this upcoming March," Amanda Villasana and Matthew Stifflenire, an engaged couple said.

"We've been together since August of last year, so that'll make it a year and a half," Mari Villasana and Blake Williams, a couple said.

Love is in the air here in East Texas. Valentine's Day usually means showering your significant other with sweet treats, however if your partner is a health and fitness fanatic, you can't go for the cliché gifts.

"Couple training or solo training is a great option, so whatever you choose is best for you," Abril Wright, a certified personal trainer said.

If you have a partner that likes to hit the gym a few times a week, pairing them up with a personal trainer for a few days could help them add to their fitness routine.

Why not add you to the mix, because they say, a couple that sweats together, stays together.

"You can come in and motivate your partner and y'all can get in shape together and look good for each other," Wright said.

Another good gift for your health conscious sweetheart is a delicious one. Who wouldn't love a notorious but delicious meal?

"We have a lot of healthy eaters here," April Unsell, the General Manager of Restoration wine bar, said. "They come here and choose a lot of fat free options, a lot of options with no bread, a lot of fruit options."

As for a drinking option, try alcohol-free wine.

"The doctors says a glass of red wine a day is good for your heart. We have red wine that is alcohol-free, but it has the same benefits of red wine in it," Unsell said.

No matter what you buy for your partner this Valentine's Day, spending quality time with one another is priceless.

"Continue to date one another and enjoy being with one another and enjoy each other's company and keep the communication and the fun," Stifflenire said.

If you just can't resist the chocolate, experts recommend dark chocolate because of several health benefits.

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