Deep East Texas couples married over 50 years renew vows on Valentine's Day

Deep East Texas couples married over 50 years renew vows on Valentine's Day
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It was wedding day all over again for these true veterans of matrimony, each with over 50 years of mostly marriage bliss under their belts.

Of those couples were Wilma and Richard Anderson, who first met in high school back in the 40's.

"One group would walk one way and one group would walk the other way and we'd say hi. And my girlfriend said 'Oh, here comes Dick Anderson, watch him, he's going to wink at me'. Well, he winked at everybody," Wilma said.

That was over 65 years ago. Two and half years after getting that famous wink, Wilma found herself on a train.

"The day after I graduated from high school, took a train to Cheyenne, Wyoming where he was in the Air Force and we got married," Wilma said.

The only problem was no family or friends were able to make it. Richard jokes that six decades later, the two are finally making it official.

"Family and the love that's between us have carried us through the years and I'm very proud of it," Richard said.

The Andersons, along with over 50 other couples marched down the aisle once again Sunday, reaffirming their commitment to each other. This time saying "We still do".

And for a marriage to last nearly 65 years, the obvious question is, What's the secret?

"Well, is there a secret? Love and respect. You have to respect each other or you'll never make it through," The Andersons said.

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