San Augustine man dies when pickup runs over his ATV

San Augustine man dies when pickup runs over his ATV
Source: James Jordan family
Source: James Jordan family

SAN AUGUSTINE COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A two-vehicle crash on FM 3154 in San Augustine County involving a pickup truck and a four-wheeler claimed the life of a 20-year-old man Monday afternoon.

"That's my son. How does your son die before you?" said James Holmes.

A question the father of five has asked himself over and over for the last 24 hours.

"I said just tell me he's alive and that's when my little brother told me, he said he's gone man, we lost him," Holmes said.

A tragic end to what family members describe as a freak accident. It all happened here on FM 3153 in San Augustine just before 2:30 on Monday.

The preliminary accident report indicates that  John Dee Tanner, 49, of San Augustine, was driving north on FM 3154 and pushing a Suzuki ATV in an attempt to start the four-wheeler. The pickup drove partially over the ATV and its driver, who was identified as James Travis Jordan, of San Augustine.

"I saw ambulances and police and fire trucks everywhere. When I got there they didn't want to let me see what was going on, they kept restraining me," Holmes said.

Earlier that day Holmes oldest son James' ATV wouldn't start. That's when he asked his uncle if he could push start it using his truck.

"He told him numerous amounts of times that he didn't want to be messing with that four-wheeler, don't want to be pushing him on it and that he shouldn't even be riding that thing," Holmes said.

That ATV stalled but the truck kept going, crushing James under its tremendous weight.

"First thing I saw, I saw my son up under the truck, just wrapped up in a four-wheeler, with the tire on his head," Holmes said.

A father of an 11-month old boy gone, but the memory of at least one of his famous features lives on.

"His smile; He has a smile like Cam Newton and Terrell Owens and I'll say that," Holmes said.

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