Lufkin surgeons use music to focus in the OR

Lufkin surgeons use music to focus in the OR
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - When you think of an operating room, you may think of quiet and concentration, little do you know your doctor could be rocking out to some top hits.

It's just what the doctor ordered, some of their favorite artists playing in the background while you go under the knife.

"Either Whiskey Myers or Chris Knight," David Price, a Board Certified Urologist at CHI Saint Luke's in Lufkin said.

"Tupac Shakur and Biggie smalls, for my hip hop people," Dan Fuentes, an Orthopedic Surgeon at CHI Saint Luke's in Lufkin said. "For my more alternative and rock, Fuel. For my heavy grunge I'll do a little disturb and GodSmack. Jazz wise, anyone I feel in the mood for, I do a lot of Pandora."

Contrary to popular belief operating machines aren't the only sounds that you'll hear behind a surgeon's door.

"Classic rock a lot, and a lot of country, Carlos Solorzano, a certified surgical first assistant said. "We live in Texas so country is big."

"I usually listen to Texas country or country music," Price said.

"They enjoy it more where there aren't as many distractions and background noise," Chris Axelson, a nurse anesthetist with CHI Saint Luke's in Lufkin said.

"Basically me and my nurse, Jason Low, we kind of make a joke that it's 'ABC', anything but country," Fuentes said. "Not to offend anybody but it's anything from hip hop to Jazz."

While you're laying peacefully on the operating table, your doctor is jamming out to some of their favorite tunes, which is what actually helps them relax.

"It's calming and relaxing for the surgeon and it really helps them to focus and pay attention to detail," Fuentes said.

However it's not all fun and games when the music is on, surgeons remain focused at all times.

"Once I begin the case very rarely do I hear the music, I'm so focused in doing," Fuentes said. "When closures are going on and conclusion of the case I get more in tune to it. However during majority of the time of the surgery I don't listen to it."

"We have fun when we can, and we're serious all the time," Solorzano said. "It's a serious deal back here in surgery. We don't take anyone's life for granted and we take care of our patients."

Doctors said they determine what music to play depending on their mood and the operation.

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