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Gift of Love: Aryzstella

Aryzstella is looking for the Gift of Love. Aryzstella is looking for the Gift of Love.
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Aryzstella is a quiet and sweet young girl that loves to play with her foster family's dog. She enjoys snuggling and gently petting the puppy. 

"Aryzstella is 11. We've had her for about a year and a half. She likes to play with the dog. She likes her music. And she is kind of a couch potato who likes to lay on her bed and play," foster mom Sylvia Sirmans said.

Aryzstella has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, anxiety disorder, plagiocephaly, neuromuscular scoliosis, rapid-onset dystonia parkinsonism, detached retina and developmental delay. She is unable to walk on her own, communicate or see, but her smile will light up a room!  Her real love is found listening to music of all kinds.
"She likes Rock n' Roll and Elvis. She likes country and western as long as it's fast and loud," Sirmans said.

Aryzstella likes to dance and sway to the music in her room. 

"Aryzstella likes to stay at home. She likes one-on-one attention. She likes rough housing, tickling, so she knows she is the center of entertainment," Sirmans said.

She also likes to ride in the car.

"She loves to sit outside. She does like the wind to blow on her face," Sirmans said.

A family that would best meet the needs of Aryzstella needs will be patient, loving and kind family.     She needs a peaceful and therapeutic home that will be able to meet her medical and mental health needs.

"She needs a forever home and someone to take care of her," Sirmans said.

And most importantly show Aryzstella the Gift of Love.

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