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High winds among cause of enhanced fire danger in East Texas

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Bare trees, dry vegetation, gusty winds; all ingredients that can spark a wildfire in a moment’s notice.

“We are in dry conditions. East Texas getting relative humidity’s down in the 20s and 30s is of great concern. Those kinds of conditions just make it very favorable for any wildfires to spread very quickly,” said Todd Nightingale, Texas A&M Forest Service.

Its winter. but you wouldn’t know it by looking around East Texas. Despite slight rainfall earlier this week, conditions are still dry and that’s prompted an enhanced fire danger warning from the Texas A&M Forest Service.

“Our fuels over here in East Texas are not used to being exposed to those kinds of low relative humidity’s and that’s what we’re concerned about. That coupled with the wind is what can make a small fire a significant event very fast,” Nightingale said.

From Nightingale’s mouth to this plot of grass in Lufkin. A similar scene earlier today as a viewer snapped pictures of a brush fire. Officials believe a still-lit cigarette carelessly tossed out to be the cause of that small blaze.

Scenes like that are only expected to increase as we head into the weekend.

“We are seeing some wildfires out there from people mainly debris burning. People walking away, not paying attention to their burn that they’re doing. A little small trash fire or something along those lines, those fires get caught up in the winds, and those dry conditions and spread and can put people in danger,” Nightingale said.

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