Luck of the Lufkin Panthers results in going 3-for-3 in coin flips

Luck of the Lufkin Panthers results in going 3-for-3 in coin flips

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - If you have any plans of going to Las Vegas soon, you should consider taking the Lufkin coaching staff with you.

Panthers have had their fate played out by a coin flip three times this year and they have managed to get the right call for every flip.

Their first game with the coin was during the football season against Ennis. On the line was a district win. Within the past two weeks, both the basketball teams beat John Tyler with this 50/50 chance to take the No. 1 seed entering playoffs.

The chances of being 3-for-3 on a coin flip are 12.5%. Apparently those chances are worth taking in Lufkin.

"There's a saying 'tails never fails' and we've been hitting that all year so that's kind of the way we've been rolling. Tails has been hitting for us," said head girls basketball coach Harold Scroggins.

"They say 'tails never fails' but it's still 50/50 if it's going to be tails. We've been real lucky," said head football coach Todd Quick.

Lucky is an understatement. It's almost out right unbelievable Lufkin has won three coin tosses this year.

Lufkin admits coin flips are not the most ideal way to come up with a solution and it's completely situational whether they decide to put their fate in a coin.

Some may think it's crazy to put your chances in "heads or tails" but there's a lot to consider when making the decision. If you decide to play it out rather than flip a coin, you have to think about more travel plans.

"A lot can happen. Someone can get hurt or you don't want to start the playoffs with a loss," said Scroggins.

Rest time and health of their players are on the forefront of these coaches minds. After going through an entire season, is it worth playing an extra game before playoffs? Recovery time is shortened playing an extra game before the do-or-die season.

"A playoff opponent could have flipped us and made us play on Monday night. We wouldn't have a lot of time to prepare for that," said head boys basketball coach T.J. McManus. "It's just better to use these two, three days to get focused on our playoff opponent. You just get a little time to get healthy and heal."

While things seem to keep falling in favor of Lufkin, the Panthers hope their luck hasn't run out just yet.

"Hopefully we can save some of that luck for the playoff run and the games because you always need the ball to bounce your way a few times there as well," said McManus.

"We're waiting on the power ball to get back up there. We're going to flip a coin on it," said Quick.

The Lufkin girls are gearing up for their area round game against Waxahachie. The two will be playing this Friday at Trinity Valley Community College starting at 6 p.m.

The boys team is paired with Mount Pleasant for the bi-district. They're scheduled to play at Tatum High School next Tuesday. The tip-off time has yet to be determined.

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