Burglar breaks into Douglass Corner Cafe, steals register with $3.51 in change

Burglar breaks into Douglass Corner Cafe, steals register with $3.51 in change
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

DOUGLASS, TX (KTRE) - It's business as usual for the folks at Douglass Corner Café but it certainly didn't start that way early Thursday morning.

"Came in the back door and the alarm systems here, went to put the code in to turn the alarm off. Turned and noticed that the front door was shattered, glass everywhere," said Carol Brittain, manager at Douglass Corner Café.

It was all caused by one burglar. With hammer in hand, the burglar smashed through that front glass and climbed through.

"I mean I could understand if we sold cigarettes or something. We didn't have anything for him to get," Brittain said.

But what that burglar did get was the café's cash register. He snatched once, twice, and finally after three attempts, he made off with it. The entire ordeal lasting less than 20 seconds.

"Why would somebody do this? The place burned down three years ag,o and we got it all built back up and started over, and somebody wants to come and do this for cash register you can buy at Walmart," Brittain said.

Parts of that cash register were later discovered along a stretch of State Highway 21, next to Douglass' post office, likely after that thief discovered just how much money was actually inside.

"Three dollars and fifty-cents change," Brittain said.

It was a devastating blow, but…

"Nobody's going to put us down. I mean, the fire burning the whole building didn't put us down, this is just a little hiccup in our day," Brittain said.

And only 10 miles down the road in Cushing, business owners were greeted by a similar sight this morning.

Beckham's Hardware & Building Supply and Daily Fresh Donuts were both broken into overnight. Both businesses reported stolen cash registers each with less than $10 left inside. The front door to Beckham's was smashed, and the bolt to Daily Fresh Donuts was pried open.

Each of those burglaries are under investigation by the Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office.

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