Church Hosts 'The Way Of The Cross'

It's called La Via Crucis or The Way of the Cross.  More than a hundred people honored the life and death of Christ Friday.  The compelling, realistic event chronicles Jesus' life from condemnation to crufixion to death.

Father William Slight said, "It's to show that all of us are in solidarity with other Christians throughout the world in commemorating this great event.  It is what brought us our salvation and we grow closer in union with Christ because of this."

Every year on Good Friday, a mostly hispanic, Catholic audience participates in Stations of the Cross.  The production is for everyone from any background, of all ages, of all races.

Enrique Fernandez portrayed Jesus in La Via Crucis.  He said, "We try and represent what Jesus did for us.  It's not only catholics, it's for all the community, every human on the Earth.  It's something that he left us and we're trying to represent it."

La Via Crucis is more than just remembering Christ's death.  It's also meant to remember his life and bring important lessons, to the lives of everyone who takes part.