Proposed Retirement Community Generates Interest

Future residents are already signing up to live in a proposed high scale retirement community in Nacogdoches, even though a move in date is two years away. The project developer is Stephen F. Austin State University.

It's called Timber Springs. The name is inspired by a spring fed pond and a grove of trees where the facility will be built. The concept comes from a genuine need to serve retirees.

SFA leaders visualize a continuing care retirement community a perfect match for old and young. Vice President of University Advancement, Dr. Jerry Holbert explained, "The whole idea is try to create an atmosphere, living environment where both our residents, the senior citizens, benefit from interaction with students and continuing education and our students benefit from interaction with the seniors."

More than 100 independent living condos and 41 garden units will be built in Phase One, along with about 40 assisted living facilities. They'll stand on sixteen sloping acres at the end of Maroney Drive, a gift from the Tom Wright family. "It's a good property. It's located between two hospitals. There's shopping centers available and handy. I think it will be a great place."

Maroney Drive will be extended to University Drive. An economic partnership to attract retirees to Nacogdoches, many of them, SFA alums. Director of SFA Alumni Association, Jim Jeter said, "The concept is very, very good. Your former students once they're away for a little while really, a substantial portion of them have an infinity for your campus."

Once 70% of the units are reserved the non profit group will qualify for construction financing. Planners say Timber Springs is selling itself. If all goes as planned Timber Springs will be open in late 2007. It will happen sooner if reservations for living spaces are filled faster than expected.