Motorists Looking For Good Gas Mileage

You probably didn't need a survey to tell you, but the Texas AAA finds the average price of a gallon of regular self serve gasoline has hit $2.00 in Texas for the first time. The survey finds regular self-serve is averaging just over $2.03 per gallon--up 7 cents from last week.

One reason why motorists are watching their mileage. "I just recently bought a car and I decided to get one with 40 miles a gallon. It's still kinda tough, but compared to the last car we're saving a little bit of money on gas," said one motorist at the pump.

Car dealerships are noticing that gas costs are on people's minds. Along with the sticker price, mileage is a concern for some shoppers.

Sales consultant Dennis Glazener said, "I think a truck driver gonna drive a truck regardless of what the fuel economy is. That's just what they want. When you come to a family vehicle I think people look a little bit closer at fuel economy."

Retirees are also considering cars or smaller s-u-v's. Some are even trading in their larger vehicles.