Downtown Hoedown

Everyone was excited at the Downtown Hoedown in Lufkin but nobody was as pleased to see the clouds part than organizer Della Huse.

Huse said, "the weather's holding out for the Hoedown today, we're really excited. We've got a lotta people out."

Friday's worries of wet weather had many running around making backup plans for the event. They were even considering moving to indoor wrestling. But the sky cleared away Saturday morning for everyone to have fun.

"I think the bungee jump is one of our new high points, the gotta go racers. Those are really cool if you've not seen those, they're fun," said Huse.

If riding around on a motorized toilet doesn't help you have fun, I don't know what will. And there were so many other things to do, from shopping to dancing, the Hoedown had it all.

Huse said, "we have a lot of people that have come in for the parade and once they get down to the festival I think they're going to have a great time. A lot of events for the kids and things going on."

And what would a Downtown Hoedown be without a parade to kick it all off?

Fire-engines sounded the way for the hoedown parade Saturday morning. Different floats ranging from the Girl Scouts to the Easter Bunny paraded down First Street for the crowds.

Onlookers we spoke with say the best part of the parade, was the antique cars. And with old downtown Lufkin as a backdrop, the cars looked right at home.