Overnight Boat Burglaries Cost Local Fishermen Thousands Of Dollars

Teresa Pate, a motel owner said, "about 5 o'clock I started getting calls of some of the boats being broke into, taking rods and reels."

And it wasn't just Teresas motel that got broken into, it was several places up and down highway 147 north of Zavala. Sheriff's Deputies say a couple hundred rods and reels were reported stolen out of parked boats at motels along the strip near Lake Sam Rayburn, totaling thousands of dollars.

One couple had 19 rods and reels stolen from their locked boat.

Teresa said, "that's a couple of my customers that come down pretty much every other weekend to fish. It pretty much wiped him out."

Deputies say all in all, items were stolen from 15 different people in one night. Teresa says she's worried what they might do now, considering the way they stole the rods.

"You know if they do this with the boats right in front of their motel room, yeah it's pretty brazen I think," said Teresa.

That's why Teresa is putting up her own money for a $1,000 reward for the stolen fishing equipment.

Teresa said, "I'd give a thousand dollars reward if anybody would bring back the rods and reels, or knew, contact the police. Because we really need to do something about this."

Officials are asking if you know anything about what happened, contact the Angelina County Sheriff's Department.