1 of 4 suspects accused of stealing $3.5K in flat-screen TVs from Jasper Walmart in jail

1 of 4 suspects accused of stealing $3.5K in flat-screen TVs from Jasper Walmart in jail

JASPER, TX (KTRE) - One of the three suspects accused of stealing about $3,500 worth of flat-screen televisions from the Jasper Walmart on Jan. 14, is now sitting in that county's jail.

According to the Jasper Police Department, the four suspects also stole TVs from Walmart stores in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Port Arthur, and Silsbee.

Kameshia Richard, 18, of Lake Charles, was arrested in Louisiana and transferred to the Jasper County Jail on Feb. 23. She was charged with third-degree felony engaging in organized criminal activity.

Det. Garrett Foster with the Jasper Police Department said even though there are only three suspects in the Jasper Walmart TV thefts, authorities believe the alleged organized crime includes four people. The other three suspects include Darrell Welcome, Jessie Zeno, and LaDaysha Porter. They are all being held in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Jasper Police have one suspect in the Jasper county Jail who was part of a group of four people involved in organized criminal activity.

Three of the suspects, including Richard, are accused of stealing around $3500 of flat screen TVs from the Jasper Walmart on Jan 14 at 2 a.m. Foster said they took more televisions, but couldn't fit them in the car, so they left them in the shopping cart in the parking lot.

A break in the case came when a Jasper County Sheriff's Office deputy made a routine traffic stop near Evadale the same night the Jasper and Silsbee thefts occurred, Foster said. At the time, three people were in the vehicle. Because he didn't know they were suspects in the Walmart theft crimes, the deputy let them go.

Foster said after investigating and getting in touch with law enforcement agencies, comparing notes and speaking with deputy that made the traffic stop in Evadale, they were able to make a connection and found out who the suspects were.

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