Cowboy Church

Pastor Ford Adkins of the Cross Timbers Cowboy Church said, "we are not a traditional church but we are preaching a Jesus Christ message about salvation."

They dust off a nice pair of boots and meet every Sunday, but just because they don't have a choir and because they have a steel guitar rather than a pipe organ doesn't mean that it's not in the name of God. And on this Easter Sunday, they showed that spirit with togetherness and fellowship.

Adkins said, "it's church, but it's kinda church without walls. We believe in traditional methods of serving God but you don't have to dress up to come do it."

As a matter of fact you might have preferred to dress down so you don't get your Sunday threads too dirty doing some mutton busting.

"All day long we're going to be doing the barrel racing, mutton busting and just a lot of Christian cowboy fellowship," said Adkins.

They come together in worship and spend the day together in fellowship. No it's not your typical Sunday at church but it's a lot of fun.