ETX U.S. representative race underway, incumbent has GOP opponents for first time

ETX U.S. representative race underway, incumbent has GOP opponents for first time
Louie Gohmert, incumbent
Louie Gohmert, incumbent
Simon Winston, candidate
Simon Winston, candidate
Anthony Culler, candidate
Anthony Culler, candidate

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - For the first time since 2004, there are three Republican candidates vying to represent you on Capitol Hill. There's the incumbent, a Lufkin rancher, and a stay-at-home dad who'd like to be the Republican nominee for U.S. Rep. District 1.

A Lufkin cattle rancher and an East Texas stay-at-home dad say it's time for incumbent Louie Gohmert's 10-year-plus reign to come to an end.

"Louie Gohmert's all hat and no cattle," said Simon Winston, Lufkin rancher.

"He's a show-boater," said Anthony Culler, a stay-at-home dad.

U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, the incumbent, feels he's done the job well.

"Most people appreciate somebody standing up and not just going on and getting along. When there is a problem, stand up and call it like it is," Gohmert said.

From his ranch with bulls and bails of hay close by, Winston said he can relate to the hard-working people of East Texas.

"I'm a business man, rancher, and I love East Texas. I'm very passionate about East Texas," Winston said.

With the help of his campaign team, which is staffed by his four daughters, Culler said he wants to bring integrity to Capitol Hill.

"You look at the people here in East Texas. A lot of them have found themselves on the wrong side of power more than once," Culler said.

Culler cried foul after he lost his Nacogdoches County home in a dispute with his bank. He said that inspired him to enter politics to right wrongs.

"The best people in history are the ones that have gone through trials and tribulations and they never quit!" Culler said.

Gohmert, who serves on the House's the Natural Resources and House Judiciary committees, said, "Over the years, there have been more people who see I knew exactly what I was talking about."

As he does when putting family first, Culler said he would vouch for East Texans.

"I believe you need someone in this district that will go to bat for the people," Culler said.

For better business, Simon said he'd use his business skills to work on employment.

"I'm funding my own campaign. I'm not beholden to anyone but the people of East Texas," Winston said.

Gohmert said he's had success getting things done for East Texas.

"I'm speaking on national and state media for the people of East Texas, a majority," Gohmert said.

His opponents said there's more to the job than that.

"It's not just hanging around on talk radio shows and TV to promote their own self," Winston said.

Nevertheless, each candidate's time to win favor is winding down.

"So many of the things I pushed for, we've been able to get into law," Gohmert said.

"If I can fight for six years for my family, I can fight for anyone in the district," Culler said.

"Simon says go vote!"Simon said.

The winner of the faceoff will then go up against Shirley McKeller, the only Democrat to file in the race, in the general election. McKellar who ran for the position in 2012 and 2014.

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