SFA Lumberjack Quidditch team host Kidditch games

SFA Lumberjack Quidditch team host Kidditch games
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Quidditch, a game that only existed in the world of Harry Potter, has made its way into the real world. No, it's not exactly Hogwarts, but it's as close as you're going to get.

"If you want to dress up, you can come out here dressed as Harry or Hermione or whoever you want," Robert Arnold, a Lumberjack Quidditch player said.

As for some of Harry Potter's smallest fans, they have to wait their turn to join a team. That's why the SFA Lumberjack Quidditch team put a unique spin to this growing sport, and called it Kidditch.

"The more rules and restrictions you put in the game make kids not want to play," Arnold said. "They'd see it as work. If you bring them out here, and they see, yeah there are rules, but they can have fun. This is for them to come and get some energy out and learn a new sport."

With brooms and balls in hand, dozens of East Texas youth faced off in the Kidditch games.

Organizers did bend some rules, like shrinking the playing field, and slightly deflating balls, so when thrown, no one gets hurt.

"We don't allow them to throw the dodgeballs as hard," Arnold said. "We either require for them to toss it underhand or tag them, rather than throw it."

In the game, players known as beaters throw balls to stop the opposite team from scoring, which seems to be the most desired roll.

"My favorite part is hitting people with all the balls," Olivia Mosier, a 6-year-old Kidditch player said.

"I like hitting people," William Hafermalz, an 8-year-old Kidditch player said.

However, many said the hardest part of the game is stopping the other team.

"It's hard to throw the balls at the people because they're running," Hafermalz said. "It's hard to get a good aim at them."

"It's really fun, but sometimes it's tricky to make people not score," Mosier said.

As for parents, the best part is seeing their kids enjoy the game.

"The parents are also huge Harry Potter fans and they always come up and say they can't wait for the next time we come out and do a Kidditch event," Charlene Carethers, the Lumberjack Quidditch Vice President said.

"This is our third time to come and play," Jennifer Steele-Lantis, a parent said. "We're big Harry Potter fans so we're glad to come out. They come off the field and drink their water and are ready to get back out there and play some more."

Organizers hope Quidditch can be included in East Texas P.E. curriculum.

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