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03/28/05 - Lufkin

Teachers Pay Close Attention To Kids With Family Problems

Lufkin High School Principal Roy Knight Lufkin High School Principal Roy Knight

by Ramonica R. Jones

Way before the shooting at the Chippewa Indian Reservation in Red Lake, Minnesota, authorities say Jeffrey Weise had taken medication for depression and talked about hurting his classmates. Unfortunately, no one believed him until it was too late.

Lufkin High School administrators pay close attention to students with family problems. They know problems at home can become problems at school.

Principal Roy Knight said, "You don't wait until some tragic circumstances happen in a child's life. You work to get them in either counseling or a social setting to help them cope with whatever problems they have."

Some students at Lufkin High School make an indirect cry for help. They tend to speak out about family problems through a class assignment.

"A lot of our referrals from teachers come in that fashion; that comes directly to me and to their counselor and their grade level principal and then we begin to investigate those immediately. It always involves an interview with the student themselves."

Principal Knight and his staff always try to take a 'prescriptive' approach. After meeting with the student, whether a meeting with parents or CPS is necessary depends on what kind of trouble that student is in.

Teachers and counselors understand that a lot of kids complain about life at home and often talk about running away. Principal Knight says the best approach is to check out every claim and never assume a student is not serious.

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