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Record number of people turn out for Nacogdoches Co. early voting

Source: Raycom News Network Source: Raycom News Network

If the early voting numbers are any indication, Texas may see a record turnout at the polls on Super Tuesday.

In Nacogdoches County, a record number of voters in comparison to elections as far back as 2008 hit the polls for the Democratic and Republican primaries. According to Todd Stallings, the interim election administrator for Nacogdoches County, a total of 5,456 people voted early in 2016.

Those numbers include the 374 people who voted with mail-in ballots.

Voting in both the Democratic and Republican primaries started out slow on Feb. 16 and gradually picked up steam through Feb. 26. By Feb. 26, a record number of people showed up to early vote. In all, 259 people voted in the Democratic Primary on Feb. 26, and 1,046 voted in the Republican Primary that day.

Nine-hundred-eighty people voted in the Democratic Primary. A total of 4,071 people voted in the Republican Primary.

For a little comparison, 4,619 people voted early in Nacogdoches County’s May primaries in 2012, which was the last presidential election. Back in 2008, 5,196 people voted early in the March primary.

In the 2014 mid-term election primaries, 3,371 people voted early in Nacogdoches County. Back in the March 2010 mid-term primaries, 2,291 people voted early.

Connie Brown, the new election administrator in Angelina County, said that 6,374 people voted early in that county. The number for the 2016 primary elections was down from the 6,474 people who voted early in Angelina County in 2012. A total of 12,625 people voted in that year's primary election.

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