Man angry over "nasty divorce" allegedly shoots refrigerator stored in Angelina Co. garage

Man angry over "nasty divorce" allegedly shoots refrigerator stored in Angelina Co. garage

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Deputies with the Angelina County Sheriff's Office arrested a 25-year-old man Sunday in connection to allegations that he got angry at his estranged wife, went to their home and destroyed, spray-painted, or shot several items of her friend's property.

The man also allegedly left what is believed to have been a crude booby trap in front of a storage shed that contained the damaged items.

Mark Anthony Shires, 25, of Lufkin, was booked into the Angelina County Jail on a state-jail felony criminal mischief between $1,500 and $20,000 charge. He was released from the jail later that day after he posted a bail amount of $3,500.

According to the arrest affidavit, an ACSO deputy spoke to the property's owner on May 26, 2015. She told the deputy that Shires had spray-painted or shot some of her property, which was being stored in a garage at a property in the 4100 block of FM 328 rented by Shires and his estranged wife.

When the deputy got to the scene, he talked to the woman and her boyfriend, and the victim told him that she had been storing some of her property in the two-car garage of the home rented by Shires and his estranged wife. She told the ACSO deputy that Shires and his wife are "going through a nasty divorce" and are in the process of moving out of the home, the affidavit stated.

The alleged victim told the deputy that Shires' estranged wife had been staying at her mother's house because of Shires' temper and the fact that he had already assaulted her, the affidavit stated.

According to the affidavit, Shires texted his estranged wife on May 22, 2015 and said, "Tell [the alleged victim] sorry about the stuff." When the woman texted her husband back and asked him what he was talking about, he allegedly replied, "Just tell them sorry. I was in a bad place when I did it. I was mad all the time."

Later on in the text exchange, Shires told her that he had been drunk and went out with his shotgun and "just toke care of stuff," the affidavit stated. He also allegedly texted her that he had shot some empty boxes.

The alleged victim also told the deputy that she and Shires' estranged wife went to the home on May 25, 2015 to get some stuff, and he drove up at a high rate of speed, driving off the driveway and almost into the home, the affidavit stated. At that point, Shires allegedly jumped out of his truck with a shotgun, but when he saw the victim outside, he left.

According to the affidavit, the victim told the deputy that she believes Shires thought his estranged wife was the only one there because the two women rode in the same car.

When the victim and Shires' wife went to get items out of the garage, they found a door mat and a board with several nails sticking up from them that were placed in front of the garage "as if it was meant as a booby trap."

While he was at the scene, the ACSO deputy took pictures of the couches, a recliner, a refrigerator, a TV, a desk, dressers, and several other items that had been shot with a shotgun, spray-painted, or broken, the affidavit stated. The refrigerator was shot in the lower portion where the motor is located.

Several shotgun shell casings were located inside and outside the garage. According to the affidavit, several small holes were found in the garage as well.

Later, the ACSO deputy took pictures of the text message exchange between Shires and his estranged wife.

When Shires came to the sheriff's office to speak to an ACSO investigator on Sept. 24, 2015, he denied knowing anything about what had happened. Later, he admitted to the investigator that he did send a text message to his estranged wife telling her that he had shot some boxes, but they were empty. He also allegedly admitted that he had been drinking and shooting his shotgun.

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