Trinity Fire Department implements training facility with live smoke house

Trinity Fire Department implements training facility with live smoke house
KTRE Staff
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TRINITY, TX (KTRE) - The Trinity Fire Department is working on a new facility. Their goal is to make realistic emergency situations for firefighters to prepare them for any scenario.

It takes a courageous person to dive into a smoke-filled home and save lives.

"Throughout the year, we have a lot of new people who want to join the department," said Scott Womack, the Trinity Fire Department training officer.

With its new training facility, the Trinity Volunteer Fire Department is making sure those people are fully prepared to take on the task.

"It gets people accustomed to the gear, which is heavy, and not being able to see. You learn to trust your instincts," Womack said.

It's equipped with a smoke house, a live fire house, and even wrecked cars for hands on training using the jaws of life.

"We use this to mainly start with new firemen and also to refresh the older fire men. Even if you've been doing this for 25 years, you still need continued education just like with any job you have," Womack said.

"We have what would be similar to a BBQ pit, and we fill it with hay and let it completely fill the building up with smoke," Womack said.

There's furniture, carpet, and even a victim in the smokehouse. It's as close to an emergency situation as a fire fighter can get.

"We get a lot of donations from the citizens we protect, and we get annual donations every year from the county," Womack said.

The department appreciates Ventura ambulance services. They are voluntarily on standby to ensure the trainees' safety.

"I don't think we will ever finish because there are so many things we can do. We're on the ground level with this right now," Womack said.

The fire department has had the same fire chief and assistant chief for 50 years. They said the stability has helped with their progress.

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