Lufkin announces streets for yearly overlay project

Lufkin announces streets for yearly overlay project

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The City of Lufkin has announced the streets that will be worked on over the next 12 months as part of the annual overlay project.

The list was approved by City Council on Tuesday night. Over the next 12 months, streets from all six city wards will get some much needed facelifts.

The streets are listed as follows:

Ward 1:  Abney Ave. (First to Railroad), Laurel Av.e (First to Third), Hoo Hoo Ave. (Culverhouse to Sayers), Pecan St (Laurel to end of pavement)

Ward 2: Addie Ave. (Warren to Robin), Sunrise St. (Warren to Lubbock), Traylor St. (Paul to Atkinson)

Ward 3: Church St. (Timberland to Mickey), Lemans Dr. (Leslie to Periers), Pinecres Ct. (Jones to cul-de-sac)

Ward 4: Alta St (Denman to end of pavement), Parkman Rd (Chestnut to end of pavement), Brown Rd. (Tulane to Harmony Hill)

Ward 5: New Bethel Rd. (Daniel McCall to end of pavement),  Bending Oak St. (Woodland to end of pavement)

Ward 6: Ashley Ave. (Cordelia to Marion), Cordelia St. (Pershing to Markus), Sherwood Rd. (Southwood to mockingbird)

Street Department Director Steve Poskey said the city gets a list of need every year and then starts to look at how the money can best be spent.

"The streets are evaluated by different stresses including cracking and base failure," Poskey said. "All this is plugged into a program we call micropaver and then it comes up with a Pavement Condition index. Anything 55 or lower needs repair, so we go from and we pick the lowest streets and mainly do the lowest rated streets as funds are available."

According to the paperwork presented at council, the materials for the project will cost $572,669 and the total cost for all the streets will come out to $726,914.68. Poskey said the money is accounted for in the yearly budget the department is approved for.

"We try to make sure we spend around the same amount in each ward," Poskey said.

Poskey said during the work, there will be minor delays but the roads will never be completely blocked off. The city will also begin to notify residents on the streets of when their project will begin.

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