Medical and Surgical Services

The newly renovated Medical Surgical units offer a calming color scheme, new Hillrom beds and bedroom furnishings. Each Nursing unit has the new Computerized Nurse Call System capable of locating staff when they are not at the nursing station.

Operational hours for the Medical Surgical units are 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The staffing is principally Registered Nurses and Licensed Vocational Nurses. For additional patient support and comfort each units has a Patient Care Technician and Unit Secretary. For patient and staff safety all entry access are at the Emergency Room after 10:00pm.

Medical Surgical Services:
• 26 bed Cardiac Telemetry Care on Kurth 5 Tower (5th floor)
• 26 bed Pre and Post Surgical Care on Kurth 4 Tower (4th floor)
• 26 bed Oncology Care on Kurth 3 Tower (3rd floor)
• 30 bed Geriatric Care on Calder 2 (2nd floor)

The Kurth Tower units have 1 Suite, 23 private and 1 semi-private rooms. The suite has a luxurious bedroom joined with a sitting area furnished with coffee maker, refrigerator and additional TV and telephone for your comfort.

Kurth 5
Kurth 5 Tower unit (Cardiac) provides care for patient with Chest pain, Heart Attack, Open Heart Surgery after ICU stay and patient with Pacemaker and Chest tube(s) and those going for Cardiac Catheterization.

Kurth 4
Kurth 4 Tower (Surgical) provides care for the following: Orthopedic patient with knee and hip replacement, and rotator cuff repair. We use Epidurals for pain management and comfort. Neurological services include care of patient with back or neck surgery, head injury and strokes. Urology services to include bladder and prostate problem, kidney stone, and stent placement General Surgeries include but not limited to Gall Bladder, Colon Resection, and Hernia repair.

Kurth 3
Kurth 3 Tower (Oncology) provides in-house Chemotherapy, Pain Management and quality care for Radiation Implant patients. This unit works closely with the Temple Cancer Center.

Calder 2
Calder 2 provides care to all geriatric patients.