Finger Incident Increases Restaurant Concerns

Terry Free Health Inspector
Terry Free Health Inspector

Wendy's officials are still trying to find out who's missing a finger. Local health officials say finding a human body part in your meal is not only disturbing, it can be extremely dangerous.

Health inspector Terry Free said, "It could be anything; of course, the bigger concern now would be HIV [and] AIDS."

Restaurant employees are required to report all on-the-job injuries to a manager, even minor scrapes and bruises. Warehouse workers who box and ship food to restaurants report to the United States Department of Agriculture.

"We as the local health authority only handle the retail side of it. From the wholesaler or the manufacturer, it is USDA inspected. Then when it comes to the local retailer, of course, that's when we start looking at the food operations and the quality of the food."

Customers can also help keep restaurants clean and safe. If you eat out and see something that doesn't seem quite right or may be a health risk, you should call your local health inspector.