SFA Graduation Rates

Karyn Hall SFA Institutional Research
Karyn Hall SFA Institutional Research
Jordan Willis 5th Year Senior
Jordan Willis 5th Year Senior

by Jessica Cervantez

Attending college is a big accomplishment for many students, but administrators want to make sure they leave with a degree. Only about 18% of SFA students graduate in four years, which ranks SFA in the top third of Texas colleges. SFA more than doubles their percentage when it comes to six-year graduates.

Karyn Hall, with SFA's institutional research, said, "SFA ranks ninth in six-year graduates according to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. There's always room for improvement but we're glad we're at that point."

Most SFA students average about five years to graduate, like Jordan Willis who graduates in May.

"I'm excited to start in the real world," Willis said.

Some college students say graduating in five years is normal, they say their in no hurry to get out.

Willis said, "I took a full load every semester and took the summers off, it's a one-time deal so enjoy."

SFA administrators attribute it to other things like students having to work while they're in college.

Administrators say they want to make sure when their students leave SFA they have degrees, so their looking at other avenues to help increase their graduation rates.

Hall says that the increase in admission standards should help increase the percentage of students who graduate from SFA.